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Education Building of FEU
At National Museum, Manila

Student Name : Yani Ansari Wuna
Home University : Halu Oleo University
Receiving School : P. Gomez Elementary (Demonstration) School of Far Eastern University (FEU)
Subject Teaching: Mathematics
Blog Adress :

Hello, my name is Yani Ansari Wuna. I am studying in Teacher Training Program Faculty majoring in Mathematic Education at Halu Oleo University (UHO) and i was assigned as an exchange student to Far Eastern University (FEU).

About FEU

Since its establishment in 1928 by founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr., FEU has been recognized as one of the leading universities in the Philippines. The first Accountancy and Business school for Filipinos, the university has, through the years, expanded its course offerings to the Arts and Sciences, Architecture and Fine Arts, Education, Engineering and Computer Studies (FEU Institute of Technology), Graduate Studies, Law, and Medicine (FEU-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation).
True to its mission of producing graduates who have contributed to the advancement of the country, FEU is proud of its alumni who have been successful key government officials, influential accountants and businessmen, famous media personalities, innovative education administrators and faculty, expert physicians and nursing leaders, decorated national and professional athletes, cutting edge architects, artists, and engineers.
Under the current leadership of Dr. Michael M. Alba, University President, along with a dynamic and cohesive team of academic and non-academic managers, the university continuously challenges itself to raise the bar of excellence to achieve a top-tier status not only in the Philippines but also in the South East Asian region.

Unit 1. School : General Information and Academic Administration

1. School Profile

School Name: P. Gomez Elementary School
School Address: 1224 P. Guevarra Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila SANTA CRUZ, MANILA, NCR, FIRST DISTRICT
Contact Number: (02)7363288/ 9081639613

2. Academic Support System : Library and soundlab room

3. Teaching System
The teaching and learning process were held 5 days a week from monday to Friday. There were two section in P. Gomez. The first one was Morning Section and another one was Afternoon Section.

4. Materials and other learning sources
The material for teaching used various text book and the teacher used to buy the latest book for teaching. Other learning sources was computer, television, link in internet special for students’ books from kindergarten until grade 12 in every subject, wifi and projector in every class.

5. Measurement and evaluation system
The school always gives the students assignment, a test for the evaluation in each topic, MID semester and FINAL semester. The score will be process for students’ final score in a report for one semester.

6. Curriculum
K-12 is a program that covers kindergarten and 12 years of basic education to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.
Its general features include:
(1) Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten), since the early years of a human being, from 0 to 6 years, are the most critical period when the brain grows to at least 60-70 percent of adult size;
(2) Making the Curriculum Relevant to Learners (Contextualization and Enhancement) by making lessons localized and relevant to Filipinos including discussions on Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, and Information & Communication Technology (ICT);
(3) Ensuring Integrated and Seamless Learning (Spiral Progression) which means that students will be taught from the simplest concepts to more complicated concepts through grade levels;
(4) Building Proficiency through Language (Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education) hence the introduction of 12 Mother Tongue Languages as mediums of instruction from grades 1-3 before the introduction of English;
(5) Gearing Up for the Future (Senior High School) wherein the seven learning areas and three tracks for students to choose and prepare them for senior high school, the two years of specialized upper secondary education; and
(6) Nurturing the Holistically Developed Filipino (College and Livelihood Readiness, 21st Century Skills) so that every graduate to be equipped with information, media and technology skills; learning and innovation skills; effective communication skills; and life and career skills.

7. Teaching plan (of my major)

Unit 2. Pedagogical Contents

1. Teaching methods
After observed for a day in P. Gomes, teaching methods was quite simple. First, when teacher entered the room all students said greeting to the teacher and teacher replied with greeting too. Second, the students were praying then the teacher check their attendance. Third, the teacher gave them the drill and review. After that, the teacher started to explain the material or topic that day and gave assignment and end the class.

2. Learning materials and innovation
All teacher used to bought the latest book which was related to the topic that they teaching. For innovation in learning, they used powerpoint presentation, used so many materials (especially in mathematics class) and also showed video, told story and played games which are related to the topic at that time. Even all student had an account to signed in to website which contained a lot of literatures for example : books, videos, etc for student in every subject from kindergarten till grade 12.

3. Sources of learning & tecnology
All teacher in P. Gomez Elementary School always used a tecnology in teaching, like laptop or computer, wifi, LCD, projector, CD, Audio, Television, etc.

4. Authentic assessment
The authentic assessment were task, MID test and Final test.

Unit 3. Observation on Teachers in the Classroom

1. Their planning for teaching
The teacher made lesson plan based on curriculum guide (K-12).

2. Their preparing lessons and materials
The teacher used to prepare the presentation based on their literatures (text book, journal or internet) and the mathematics teacher always had so many materials that related in the topic that time.

3. Their teaching in class
I did the observation from the first grade to sixth grade. The teacher in first grade until third grade was teaching using pure mother tongue (tagalog) in every subject but english. The transtition from tagalog to english was in forth grade. They had their own way to teaching because it depends to the subject. My favorite one is my cooperating teacher, Mrs.Dinah E. Tagarino (Mathematics master Teacher grade VI). She was strick but humble and funny also patient at the same time. she could make all the student pay attention and understand the topic. She is amazing.

4. Their measurement and evaluation
The teacher always gives the students assignment, a test for the evaluation in each topic, MID semester and FINAL semester. The score will be process for students’ final score in a report for one semester. BUT! they also pay attention to students’ atitude.

5. My overall impression to the teacher performances
They can manage the time, used so many strategies in teaching and manage the students verry well. I had learned lots of thing from them especially from Mrs. Dinah E. Tagarino. They not just opened the dor of knowledge for students, but also guided them to find their dream and cheer them to did the best for it. That was amazing for me.

Unit 4. Teaching Plan

1. Curriculum related to my major
I was teaching mathematics in grade 6. I used K-12 to construct the lesson plan. Please open file down below to see the curriculum guide.

2. Teaching plan related to my major
I made my lesson plan as simple as possible based on K-12, prepared for my materials while teaching and used coperative learning strategy when teaching in the class. You can download my lesson plan in first meeting and my presentation in second meeting down below

My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Dinah E. Tagarino told me how to construct a lesson plan
almost every night in second to third week I learned making leasson plan and precentation also checking students’ assignment in my dormitory.

Unit 5. Teaching practice

1. Procedures of your teaching
I was teaching statistic in grade VI. The topic based on the curriculum was from M6SP-IVe-1.6 to M6SP-IVf-4.6.
First, when the student entered the class and standing beside their chair, they said greetings and i replied greeting too. Second was praying time but in final demonstration the student sang a welcome song. Next, i gave them the drill and the review before i started explain the topic that time.
When i did the presentation, first i gave them an example and problem also the solution. second i gave them a problem and solved it to fixing their skill, next another problem in aplication, then evaluation and finally i gave them the assignment.

2. Time management and organizing activities
I had to do all those steps for 50 minutes for each class. So i used to gave 8 minutes for student to finished the drill and review, about 6 minutes to explained how to solve the pfoblem by using example. I gave 10 minutes for solving the problem to fixing their skill and asked 2 students to precentating their solution in front of class (about 6 minutes for both of them), also 10 minutes for application problem and 10 minutes for evaluation. But still it was hard for me to manage the time.

3. Problem solving
I usually guide them to find the solution of the problem were given.

4. Classroom management
I always remembered to do the simple “ice-break” to avoid making the student felt boring in the class, i did the coperative teaching strategy then told them to solve the problem were given.

5. Your overall impression in taching
I was quite nervous at the first but i got used to it for few minutes. I was so happy because almost all of them is very good in english so i was not that hard to expained the topic. About 87% of all student had the same hobby like me. For example : watching anime, K-Dramas, Harry Potter, etc. So the class was very fun!

for my final demonstration, you can download the lesson plan, presentation and also my evaluation form below..

Unit 6. Summary Sugestion

1. Purposes of practicum
There are several purposes of practicum.
– develop my teaching skills and pedagogy
– practice my english skills
– gain a broader regional and world view
– diverse teacing and learning situations and opportunities and the value of flexibility

2. Procedures of Practicum
– 1st week, orientation & class observation
– 2nd week, teaching assistant. Working with classroom teacher and lesson plan consolidation
– 3rd week, Teaching Practice. Adequate teaching hours, monitoring and evaluation by mentor
– 4th week, reflection & lesson learned. Reflection of ST’s performance in general and discussing the leasson learned, finalizing blog and report, mentor helps to check the writing.

3. Outcomes of practicum
Student teacher with better quality especially in teaching.

4. The challenges of practicum
Of couse the challenges is always in comunicating. it was quite hard for me to constructimg sentence through my mind when i was talking to student in classroom but still i could handle it by keep practicing everytime and everywhere, how to made lesson plan based on K-12, etc. Another challenge was culture shock. haha..

5. Overall impression
It was such an amazing experience! I knew that my first time teaching was not good enogh but i kept do my best to prepared and planed the lesson, also how to taaching in efective way. I had done so many things for the first time. I am so glad to be one of participant of Sea Teacher Batch 7.

6. Suggestion for future improvement
Extended time. I thought giving more time for observation was a good idea.

My beloved cooperating teacher. Mrs. Dinah E. Tagarino. She used to call me ‘anak’ whichis means child in tagalog and also in bahasa Indonesia. I call her ‘ibu’ which is means mother.
The Dean of institute of education at FEU, Our Coordinator and The Principal of P. Gomez
My beloved Students in section Socrates

I just want to say tons of thank you. It was such an amazing experience..